The performance of your holiday home is generated by a clear commercial vision and a consistent and impeccable communication.

I help owners of villas and boutique hotels to maximize the profitability of their property by reducing dependency from agencies and listing sites.

I build the vision of hospitality tied with your values: together we identify the uniqueness of our villa and the holiday experience you offer. The starting points are your values, the genius loci, the style of your property. These are the pillars to differentiate from the crowd and the basis for building your unique brand.

We design your communication strategy and we build the communication tools following your brand personality. This approach allows to deliver a consistent communication across every channel. We do it using emotional and high-impact marketing techniques which are those driving bookings and making your brand memorable to the eye of your prospects.

We define the right channel mix where to promote your property. We make sure that your property is promoted where it must be whether you own a boutique hotel or a luxury villa. The luxury channels for the most exquisite homes is an area that we thoroughly know.

Some insights

The approach to get results


I have a luxury apartment in Florence that Paola helped me launch on the vacation rental market. Although the Florence market is very competitive, Paola's vision was the right one. We focused the communication on the uniqueness of the house and on my philosophy of hospitality and she helped me to communicate everything at best. The house is always full with no discounts. I am definitely satisfied.

Sabina Cupi

Apartment Florence Santo Spirito

Thanks to a personalized consultancy program, Paola helped me to extend the rental season of my villa in Sardinia. I managed to improve the quality of the reviews and to strengthen the positioning of the villa which I now rent from March to the end of October. And bookings  continue to grow. Paola has been very helpful and also fun to work with, thank you!

Stefania Cucurullo

Villa Porto Corallo, Sardegna

Paola has transformed my collection of villas located in five different places into a unique brand. It was not a simple project but with vision and professionalism she was capable of making me manage the properties in a much more efficient and targeted way. The project has positively impacted the income of each villa. The collaboration with Paola was a choice that I am very happy about and it has delivered the promised results.

Elena Matteini

The Villa Italy - Tuscany, Pantelleria, Ischia