Who am I
/Who am I

I’m a citizen of the world. I was born in Cagliari with sunglasses on and my feet in the sand. Eventually I moved to the cold land of Wisconsin, attending a master’s degree in Industrial Relations. This degree opened the door for an international career in the high tech industry as a director of Human Resources. I lived in New York, Paris, San Francisco, Helsinki and then London, where I took a sabbatical to study the business of contemporary art at the Sotheby’s Institute. This was one of the happiest times of my life. The evening homework was to attend the most glamorous auctions and the exhibitions of the emerging and coolest artists of the moment. With this experience I approached the luxury industry by increasing sensitivity for art, design and aesthetics and deepening the psychology of the consumer of luxury products.

Finally, I went back to the sun and am now living in beautiful Barcelona, with frequent trips to Italy. This melting pot between study, work and travels have been merged together to create this consultancy firm. But only after having studied a lot and with the best global experts in the Vacation Rental industry. And also after practicing with my own properties. In fact, I have transformed the properties of my family from liabilities to high-income assets. Some of them in which I invested, like Casita Sitges, have become a business case for the high occupancy rate achieved in a short time. These results came thanks to meticulous and constant dedication. Success is not luck. It takes commitment, targeted effort and investment in knowledge. This is me, and these are the principles I follow to achieve the goals that I set for myself and the principles I follow when I work for my clients.